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Cocktail Parties

Cocktail parties are great for larger gatherings when a filling dinner isn’t the main focus. These are great for gatherings for the holidays, engagement parties, corporate entertaining, and even tea parties. We’ve found that five savory food selections and two dessert bite selections make the perfect amount of food for most groups. We’ll take care of all the food prep, table set up, and clean up during and after the event.

Buffet Events

Buffet dinners are a great way to host larger gatherings.  Buffet party service typically includes two starters, an entree buffet with a protein, salad, starch, side, bread, and two desserts, and is a great service for corporate events, engagement parties, birthdays, and other large gatherings.  Pricing is simple and depends on the number of guests and number of food items chosen.

Wedding Catering

You’ve said “yes” to one of the biggest decisions of your life– you’re getting
married! Now, take the stress-free step of hiring the hands-on, confident
catering services of Healthy Living With JESS LLC. Whether you’re a bridezilla or feeling a bit overwhelmed, we work tirelessly to make your day absolutely perfect. 

Corporate Event Catering

When you’re planning a corporate event for your company, hiring the right
caterer can play a huge role in making the event, and your business goals,
a huge success. Healthy Living With Jess Catering knows how to make a great impression. That’s why businesses have trusted us to cater their corporate events in Rock Hill and surrounding areas.

Dinner Parties

Nothing says you care more than an invitation to share food in your home. Impress your guests with dinners served in the comfort of your home with service they would expect in an upscale restaurant.
We’re happy to accommodate parties of any size, from two up to as many people as your space will hold. While we like to do most of the cooking on-site to keep it as fresh as possible (and allow you to experience the show if you’d like), we also have our own licensed catering kitchen which allows us to do prep work in advance.

Weekly  In Home Dinner Services

We believe that food is incredibly personal. We nurture ongoing relationships and work to earn the trust of the individuals and families we serve. In doing so, we can understand not only your dietary values and dining preferences but also those culinary touches that turn dinnertime into moments of delight and luxury.

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