How It works

The Personal Assessment

The first step is to complete our online client assessment questionnaire. This will allow you to provide all the detailed information about what and how you like to eat and any allergies or specific preferences. We will then use this information to develop your personalized weekly menus, listing entrees with appropriate side dishes for the weekly meal plan you’ve selected. A menu will be sent to you by email and text each Friday before your scheduled Cook Date.


Full payment of the meals is always billed Three Cook Dates in advance. {For example, if the pick-up date is Tuesday, Payment is due Saturday at noon.}

Your Cook Date

Once groceries have been purchased, you will NOT be able to cancel! we will prepare your food!  Your meals will be cooled, packaged, labeled, and be ready for pickup or delivery!


At The End Of The Day

You will have, chef-prepared meals! Your meals will be packaged and labeled per the specifications discussed during the assessment and include storage instructions, as well as reheating instructions.