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Cooking Classes Terms & Conditions

Class Descriptions-

  • Chef’s Table is a sit-down dinner where the chef discusses and serves dishes he or she has made. This is not a cooking class.

  • Demonstration Cooking Class is NOT a hands-on cooking class. Participants sit and watch food that is being cooked in front of them.

  • Part of adult and kid’s classes are hands-on cooking classes, which means each participant will be able to use a cooking station, knives, and other cookware, as well as ingredients. Participants might have to share ingredients with classmates.

Photo Release

For almost every class held in person for adults and kids, we take photos and, on occasion, film videos for promotional purposes. By signing our Policy and Disclaimer at the beginning of the class, you hereby give permission to HEALTHY LIVING WITH JESS LLC AND /OR JESSICA BLANCHARD to use your name and photographic likeness in all forms and media for advertising, trade, and any other lawful purposes.

Participants must wear closed-toed shoes to all cooking classes and classes

You may not participate in any class wearing open-toed shoes such as sandals, high heels, flip-flops, etc.   Crocs brand or other similar sandaled shoes with openings are also prohibited. We reserve the right to remove anyone without closed-toed shoes without a refund or credit.

Raw or Undercooked Item Consumption Disclaimer

Any items prepared at Healthy Living With Jess LLC may be served raw or undercooked based on your specifications and tastes or may contain raw or undercooked ingredients. Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

Cancellation Policy for Classes

Class cancellations must be received in writing e-mail (
Need to cancel eight days or more before class? You are eligible for a refund.
Need to cancel within 7 Days to 3 days before class? You are eligible for a credit but no refund.
Need to cancel with only two days' notice? You are only eligible for a credit but no refund.
Need to cancel within 24 hours of class or event? You are not eligible for a refund or a credit.
INCLEMENT WEATHER: If we cancel class, it’s because the roads are not safe. Specifically, there is ice on the ground or temperatures at or below freezing during class times which will make driving treacherous for the customer and our staff. Class credit will be issued, or classes will be moved to a later date.
Team Building Cancellation: Check your contract for terms, but if you cancel within 24 hours before your event, the full amount with all taxes and service fees will be charged.

Use of knives & general use disclaimer

Our classes are open to adults and children aged 8 and above, who can learn how to use knives for food preparation under the guidance of our professional chef instructors. All participants are expected to use knives in a safe and professional manner. However, we reserve the right to remove anyone who poses a danger to themselves or others. If you have a child aged 7 or below, we kindly request that you do not allow them to participate in a class that involves the use of knives above their age. This is because their brains have not developed the ability to hold an 8-inch multi-purpose chef’s knife properly, which could result in serious injury. If you would like your child to participate, we can provide them with a smaller knife, but please inform us beforehand.

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